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Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of financing in which the company sells its own receivables due to the delivery of goods or services rendered to a third party (called a factor), at a discount.

Depending on the demand for cash inflow in the company and in order to ensure current financial liquidity, entrepreneurs decide to monetize their illiquid assets through sales of receivables.


      There are three sides involved in factoring transaction:

  1. A factor that purchases a receivable (also known as an assignee),
  2. Seller, i.e. the one who sells his receivables (also known as the assignor), and
  3. Debtor, or counterparty to the seller, and therefore the recipient of goods or services, who is obliged to settle the obligation to his creditor – i.e. the “invoice owner”,


Transaction scheme



However, the factoring agreement in fact constitutes a type of bilateral agreement concluded between the seller of the receivable and the factor – the buyer of the receivables.

The subject of factoring is non-overdue (existing and future), monetary, non-delinquent, short or medium-term receivables documented with VAT invoices resulting from business transactions.


The advantages of factoring cannot be overestimated. A company that uses factoring receives the funds from the completed delivery of goods or services faster, because the factor gives it the equivalent of receivables with a small discount immediately after the conclusion of the factoring contract.

Therefore, factoring allows the company to shorten the receivables turnover cycle, thus significantly improving its current liquidity.

In addition, factoring enables entrepreneurs to reduce the risk of counterparty insolvency (in option, when the risk is taken over by the factor).

There are three parties involved in factoring


who acquires the receivable (also known as the assignee),


i.e. the one who sells his receivable (also known as the assignor),


that is the contractor of the factorer, i.e. the recipient of goods or services obliged to settle the liability for his creditor - "invoice owner"

By cooperating with a professional factor such as Billecta, postponed payment will never be a problem to Your company!

At Billecta we want to give you the freedom to choose the type of sale transaction for invoice receivables.

You choose what suits you best and we honor your individual choice. Therefore, we have prepared proposals for three different products, which conditions and specificity conform to various needs and preferences:

Factoring Classic

  • We pay your invoice before due date, and your contractor will pay to us,
  • The most accessible form of B2B financing and the cheapest available option of factoring services,
  • The right to recourse only if the contractor does not repay.


  • You receive funds for sold invoice even in 1 working day, while we inform your contractor about the change of creditor,
  • You don’t bear responsibility for the repayment of claim by your contractor,
  • It is us who monitor the due payment and who collect the claims, if necessary.


  • Full discretion. Transaction is concluded only between You and us,
  • Your contractor doesn’t have to be informed about the transfer of claim,
  • You receive the price for the sold invoice even today. Then You pass the inflow from your contractor to us, when due date comes.

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